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Thyroid Ultrasound: What You Should Know

The thyroid gland is one of many glands that make up the endocrine system. When functioning properly, the thyroid gland releases two hormones that regulate how much energy the cells in our body uses. These hormones are called thyroxine (T4)…

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Cancer Genetics: The Relationship Between Genes and Cancer

There’s an important relationship between genetics and cancer, even if we don’t understand the exact nature of the relationship. The ability of genes to cause cancer probably comes to mind when considering the correlation of cancer genetics. Still, most people…

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The Cost of Cancer Treatment

The implications of a cancer diagnosis can be devastating. It can change one’s way of life, the way one performs activities of daily living and takes an emotional toll on the client. However, devastating in its own right is the…

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An Overview of Medical Practice Management

Practice managers play an integral role in their medical practice, but they can become overwhelmed with all of the tasks and responsibilities that come with it. Physician practice management companies (PPMC) can streamline operations, improve your workflow, and increase efficiency.…

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What Are Carcinogens?

It’s natural to worry about the potential hazards of the substances in the environment — especially those that cause cancer. Genetics, lifestyle choices, environmental exposures can play a role in developing cancer. Still, it’s hard to pinpoint why one person…

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7 Cancer Warning Signs

As with any disease or illness, the earlier treatment begins, the better the chance of full recovery. In many ways, this is no truer than when speaking of cancer. Some examples of early-stage cancer symptoms can include fever, abnormal lung…

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